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Tailors of magic stories.

We want to thank you for visiting our online store and for thinking of celebrating one of the most important day of your life in a wedding dress from INFINITYCOS!


We realized over time that the wedding dresses sold in stores have very high prices, prices of thousands and some models even tens of thousands of dollors, and this made us, like you by the way, to asks ourselves why the prices of wedding dresses are so high.
The production of a wedding dress with very good quality textiles and a team that is experienced in tailoring of the wedding dresses represents a relatively small percentage of the final cost of the dress. But the wedding dress must be presented, and that means huge costs, there is a colossal price difference. A physical store has rental costs, costs with many employees, high taxes, utilities, costs that increase the price of the wedding dress by up to 80%. This is where we intervened! We talked directly with the tailors, negotiated the prices, and skipped the most expensive part, the physical store. Not having physical stores that generate very high expenses, this allows us to sell wedding dresses at very affordable prices.

We chose to sell wedding dresses made to order according to the size of the bride’s body, so your wedding dress will fit perfectly on your body. If you have questions or simply you just want to meet us, we are at your disposal by email and through our WhatsApp number, Facebook and Instagram.
We look forward to hearing your wedding story!

Our mission is to reflect your dream, to create the dress you have been waiting for a lifetime.
Our work is about emotions, dreams, feelings and unique moments, it is about tailoring your dream and creating the perfect wedding dress for you.

We create magical stories.